A Little History
  • Pioneered by Florence Nightingale, 1850s
  • First journal on research (Nursing Research) emerged, 1950s.
  • Clinical research increasingly important, 1980s
  • National Center for Nursing Research established at NIH, 1986
  • National Institutes of Nursing Research (NINR) established, 1993
  • NINR budget exceeds $100 million, 2000s.
What is Nursing Research?
  1. Research - Systematic inquiry using disciplined methods to solve problems or answer questions
  2. Nursing Research - Systematic inquiry to develop knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profes
EBP Importance in Nursing
WHO The World Health Organization began when it's Consitution came into force on 7 April 1948
Sources of Evidence for Nursing Practice
  • Tradition
  • authority
  • Clinical experience; trial and error; intuition
  • Logical reasoning (inductive and deductive)
  • Assembled information (e.g., quality improvement data)
  • Disciplined research
Roles of Nurses in Research Continuum of participation, from producers of research to skilled consumers of research findings who use research evidence in their practice > IMAGE GALLERY